How to Add SUniText Component into Project

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This article describes step by step instruction how to add SUniText as a library in the context of an external project:

1. First of all, it needs to collect the project delivery packages and unzip archives somewhere in your file system. It contains two modules - sunitext and sunitext-ui and they are named as the version number of the snapshot and the revision number and date:



2. Then you need to create a new project or use an existing one (in my case this is a new JavaFX project) and navigate to the Project Structure (F4), if you use IntelliJ IDEA. Then Modules → Dependencies and click the plus button to import JAR files from previously collected archives. In the drop-down list select JARs or directories and select the directory above with the archives described above. NOTE: for sunitext the location of the jar's files should be root_folder/sunitext-toolkit and for sunitext-ui - root_folder/sunitext-ui_modules/lib.

3. After that you will see two libraries in External libraries section.

4. This topic describe adding three buttons - Run SUniText application, Save and Open file)

5. To create an instance of ISUniTextEditor, you need to make a simple invocation of the SUniTextEditorImpl constructor, and then call init() method. Or you can use a custom implementation if you want.

public void init() {
 editorController = new SUniTextEditorImpl();

6. Then, by clicking the start button (built-in), an instance of the DemoWindow object is created, which takes editorController as a constructor parameter and calls the startEditor() method. If you set true, it means that control window should be running as well.

void builtIn() {
 DemoWindow window = new DemoWindow(editorController);
* if you need to change the classloader you can use setClassLoaderType(ClassLoaderType classLoaderType) method. (There is support for JAVA_DEFAULT and OSGI)

7. Similarly, we control the opening and saving, using methods of editorController 

editorController.openFile(File file);


editorController.saveFileAs(File file);

You can call other functions of the class in the same way SUniTextEditorImpl which will be reflected in the behavior of the application window.

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