Scell Technical Description

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Scell spreadsheet is a set of Java 8 code libraries. The libraries are distributed as an embedded jar archives and allowed under proprietary license:

* Copyright (C) 2008-2020 Intechcore GmbH - All Rights Reserved
* This file is part of SComponents project.
* Unauthorized copying of this file, via any medium is strictly
* prohibited
* Proprietary and confidential
* Written by Intechcore GmbH <>

The project is split into the following maven modules:

  1. scell-formulas - contains provided arithmetic, trigonometric, and logical functions (such as sum, logarithm, cosine, sine, and others). It can be used separately from other modules and is responsible for calculations.

  2. scell-core - base module containing format, io, model, services and utils modules. Which are responsible, respectively, for formatting data and fonts, for input and output of user data, for the presentation of application data, event services and the architecture of the relationship of data views, and development utilities. Scell-core is used as the base module for the user interface module

  3. scell-ui-fx - is a user interface module that uses Oracle's JavaFX library to render user data in a tabular format and interact with it using the mouse and keyboard. The module contains application modules for launching the application and an integration module with classes for rendering all custom application elements. The appearance of the interfaces can be customized through the spreadsheet_light.css and constants.css style files

  4. scell-charts - module connected to the scell-ui-fx module for drawing data in the form of graphs. Bar, Pie, Area, and Stacked Histograms available in flat and 3D

Modules are connected via Maven. An example of integration can be found in the GitLab repository.

Currently, the team is actively working on the implementation of multithreading to achieve maximum performance, a lot of attention is paid to the accessibility of the product for people with disabilities. The architectural team is working on JSR 330 Dependency Injection (for inline flexibility). All modules have flexible settings and can be changed for a specific customer by the SCell development team.

We will be glad to discuss the terms of cooperation with you by mail

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