Java Component for displaying and editing data of various document formats in your application. 

  • Supported formats: DOCX, PDF, PostScript, RTF

  • Read, write, edit and print document files

  • Convert to and from DOCX, PDF, PostScript, RTF

  • Rich formatting capabilities

  • Tables support

  • Use out of the box JavaFX, SWT UI or build your own 

  • Bulk files processing

  • WYSIWYG printing


Available Features

  • Get, read DOCX, PDF, RTF, PostScript files

  • Create, edit DOCX, PDF, RTF, PostScript files 

  • Convert to and from DOCX, PDF, RTF, PostScript

  • Get, create, edit text, paragraph, list, table, hyperlinks

  • Get, set text, table, image format (alignment, font styles, borders, fill and color)

  • Get, create, edit images

  • Get, create, edit comments

  • Get, create, edit document header, footer

  • Protect document with a password

  • Get, create, edit watermarks, stamps

  • Get, set page properties (orientation, paper size, background)

  • Charts support with SChart component

  • Clipboard support

  • Localization support: English, German, Russian

  • Print and Preview with WYSIWIG support

  • Accessibility support

  • Use out the box JavaFX, SWT UI our build your own 


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